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This blog is deliberately lo-fi and informal; a simple ‘pin-board’ to display some work and things of interest to hopefully ‘break the ice’ and let potential customers know a little about me and my business. The format here is a counterpoint to the ‘look but don’t touch’ feel of some architect’s websites [no flash here!] and more truthful to who I am; I work for regular people, most of whom have never employed an architect before, often on ‘once in a lifetime’ projects, where I believe pretentiousness has no role and plain talking pays dividends.

I hope my building related posts illustrate my approach to design, and non-building posts give potential customers some personal insight towards establishing more relaxed [=productive] working relationships. If you’re interested in the ramblings of this rural Welsh architect, enjoying his work trying to produce honest, healthy,  efficient homes then you’re very welcome. If you’re considering a project and think we could help in any way or if you want to comment on any of the posts then please do get in touch.

Many thanks for reading!


Reynoldston, Jan 2010

[updated August 2012]

[Updated June 2013 - NB MANY more projects have been completed in the last couple of years, will be posted when opportunities arise!]

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